First Look at Live-Action Aladdin's Abu and Jafar

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Disney's live-action Aladdin has just given us a lot of great reveals, what with the BTS featurette and a first look at Will Smith as the Genie. EW has actually given us some more photos, and we have a look at Aladdin's pet monkey Abu as well as the villain Jafar.

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With the movie being another CGI extravaganza, I wouldn't really expect the film to cast an actual monkey as Abu. My guess is he's going to be computer generated the entire time so the movie will be able to give him facial expressions and more animation.

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As for Jafar, we have actor Marwen Kenzari in the role. I'll admit, I first thought this was one of Jasmine's suitors, seeing that Jafar was more of an older man in the cartoon. He does come decked in his classic red and black, and you can see he's already holding the lamp here. Most likely these scene is from when Jafar has already taken over Agrabah.

While it's already a given that production for these live-action Disney movies are always top notch, I'm still waiting out for the release of a full trailer. So far we've only had a brief glimpse of Aladdin and the lamp. I want to see how the other characters actually move and speak in the movie; not to mention how Agrabah is brought to life.

Hopefully we get a trailer drop before the year ends.

Catch Aladdin in theaters May 24, 2019.


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