First Look at Jordan Peele’s New Psychological Thriller Nope

Jordan Peele’s new thriller flick Nope just released its first ‘confusing’ trailer that apparently doesn't give anything away for the viewers.

Check out the trailer below:

Jordan Peele’s new film Nope trailer was released on the Superbowl ad last Sunday. Though the trailer doesn’t reveal its plot or what the film will be all about, what we can assume is that it will surely have to be psychologically disturbing, which Peele’s thriller films are known for.

If you look back at Peele’s previous films like Get Out and Us, they use the same elements. The trailer’s purpose is to build suspense and mystery until the viewers see the movie and unravels the plot by themselves.

The setting of the film will take place in the Western part of America and the film will feature Keke Palmer, Steven Yeun, and Peele will be reuniting with Get Out star, Daniel Kaluuya. Though the plot is still unknown, the trailer reveals Palmer’s character explaining her grandfather’s career as a Horseman. Palmer seems to have a fascination in following his grandfather’s footsteps as a horse handler together with his boyfriend, Kaluuya’s character. And then all of a sudden, mysterious things started happening in the town.

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Analyzing the trailer, it looks like the town is experiencing a climatic event, specifically an alien invasion. But knowing Peele’s different take on writing psychological thriller films, we’re sure we will unravel the story and the trailer reveals only what he wants the viewers to see.

Jordan Peele is an award-winning director mostly known for his psychological take on horror-thriller films. Peele was nominated for multiple academy awards for his distinct writing and directing. Nope is the third psychological thriller film of the director, which he is also the writer.

While we all want to unravel the mystery of Peele’s new film, Nope will be available in theaters on July 22.

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