First Look at Disney’s Live-Action Mulan

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Disney has been making a lot of bank with their live-action adaptations, and Mulan is gearing up for her live-action debut. Thanks to /Film's Chris Evangelista, we get our first look at star Liu Yifei as Mulan.

Check it:


We can't really say much about the film at all, but you'll notice that her sword has more of a rounded hilt than the one we see in the cartoon. I wouldn't be surprised if the robe she's wearing in the picture is part of her outfit during the matchmaker scene.

So far, Disney hasn't gotten under any fire for the casting choices because all actors in the cast are actually Asian. Besides Liu, you have the likes of Donnie Yen and Jet Li joining the cast.

The problem, however, arises with the detachment from the source material. Instead of Shan Yu, Mulan is said to be going up against a witch character being played by Gong Li. Li Shang has also been replaced by this character named Chen Honghui (Yoson An), who is said to antagonize Mulan for the majority of the film, but then catches feelings when he finds out she's a girl.

Just looking at the cartoon, I can see the issue of some people when it comes to the creative split. For one, the original Mulan had her going up against the stereotypical brute villain, which is great since it highlights how smart Mulan is for besting him with her wit alone in the end. With her going up against a witch, it kind of feels like another princess vs. evil queen clash.

I'd actually like to see Mulan fight alongside the males and see her rise the ranks on pure mettle. It also doesn't help that rumors suggest that Mulan will be given special powers in this film to help her get ahead of the men.

Did you guys even watch the original Mulan?

Disney's live-action Mulan comes out March 27, 2020.

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