Disney Preparing A Whopping $290 Million Budget For Its Live-Action Mulan

It looks like it's go big or go home for Disney and its upcoming live-action remake of Mulan.

According to Pursue News, Disney's preparing a budget of more than $290 million for its live-action adaptation of its hit 1998 animated musical action comedy-drama film based on the Chinese legend of Hua Mulan.

Disney's budget for the upcoming live-action movie is so massive, it goes miles beyond the budget the studio had for the live-action remake of Beauty and the Beast ($160 million) and its live-action remake of Cinderella ($95 million).

Helmed by The Zookeeper's Wife director Niki Caro, Mulan is currently under preproduction in New Zealand with sets being constructed for the shoot. Disney's budget for the film is so massive, that Caro will be the fourth female filmmaker to direct a solo live action movie with a budget more than $100 million. She'll also be the first ever female director to have worked on a project with a budget of more than $290 million.

With such a huge budget for Mulan, the publication's sources have revealed that sets for the film are massive and of an "unprecedented scale." Now at its design stage, the sources also say that it would take time for Disney to get the sets built.

Seeing all the effort that Disney is going through to make Mulan right, it really looks like the Mickey Mouse House is trying to please fans with its upcoming live-action movie.

Mulan is scheduled to premiere on March 27, 2020.

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