First Look and Character Description for Jason Todd in DC's Titans

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We know that the Robin in DC's upcoming Titans will be Dick Grayson, but what we didn't know was that the show is also going to include his successor Jason Todd. Thanks to IGN, we have a new look at Todd, and we also have a few words about him from showrunner Greg Walker.

Walker explains:

"What I really love about [Jason] as a character is the unbridled sense of self that he has – there's a lack of… maybe self-awareness, but for sure self-consciousness in terms of how he comports himself and how he moves through the world… He's completely seemingly unaffected by darkness – he kind of embraces it or walks right through it. He's a breath of fresh air and that's what I love about him, he's got a punk rock, no-holds-barred attitude that's massively unburdened. There's a lot of energy that comes with that."

I'll be damned if that isn't a sign that Jason Todd is going to die sometime soon. With the way the trailer depicted how dark this series is, I don't think there's enough room for a character who is ‘unaffected by darkness.' I anything, that will just make his death all the more sad.

Walker then talks about Todd's chemistry with Dick Grayson. He says:


"It's kind of like one of those classic covers of the books, original versus number 2, and in many ways, you really see that [in the photos]. This encapsulates the tension, the energy between these two guys. It's like running into your ex-girlfriend's new boyfriend, minus the sexual tension… You get to watch Dick Grayson struggle when he sees another Robin and how that Robin is different and has a different relationship with ‘dad.' And the second child gets away with stuff the first child would never get away with in a family, and ours is really a family show."

I'll be honest, I wasn't expecting an appearance from Jason Todd at all, and I'm sure his inclusion means that we might see DC heavy hitters like Batman or Joker join the show. With the characters' places in the DCEU looking so murky right now, I'll just be happy to see the characters come back in one form or another.

Titans premieres on DC's streaming service on Oct. 12.

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