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First Kill Spoilers, News & Update: Cal Burns Future Looks Bleak, Imani Lewis Hints

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Credit: Netflix/YouTube

The world of First Kill is filled with monsters and monster hunters. Imani Lewis discusses the future of Calliope "Cal" Burns on the Netflix show and her prospective role as a villain in a new interview.

First Kill: A forbidden relationship

When monster hunter Cal and legacy vampire Juliette Fairmont fall in love, they have many conversations with their family about what it means to be a monster.

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The Burns family attempts and fails to murder Juliette's family first. Meanwhile, Elinor feeds on humans, screws with their memories, and even kills for amusement in the Fairmont family.

Juliette mistakenly turns Cal's brother, Theo, into a vampire in the First Kill finale. Cal dumps her and vows to find a way to exterminate legacy vampires.

How Cal could become a villain, according to Imani Lewis

The First Kill finale ends with Cal angry at Juliette. Lewis talked to Hollywood Life about where that anger could lead.

“Juliette woke up something different in Calliope,” she said. “But in the same breath to have been hurt so deeply that way, that’s how villain origin stories form, from a great betrayal or a broken heart. That’s how we get these kinds of villains that go on these sprees where they’re like, I don’t care. I have no feelings. I turned them off a long time ago.”

If there is a second season, the actor explained what she wishes to see from her character.

“I want to see the version of Calliope that isn’t hell-bent on proving who she is to her family,” Lewis said. “I think it’d be interesting to see what that kind of Calliope looks like.”

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Cal’s first blood

Cal was focused on getting her first kill in order to fulfill her family's destiny. It also began with the hunters' family banding together.

After Theo was transformed, the Burns family was gravely divided at the close of the season. Apollo and Jack intended to murder Theo. Talia, on the other hand, saved him and delivered him to Oliver.

Cal was almost certainly opposed to killing Theo as well. Time will tell if her family encourages her to kill monsters or if her mother's newfound sympathy changes her mind.

First Kill is available to stream on Netflix.


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