First Eternals Trailer Reaches 77 Million Views In the First 24 Hours

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The first trailer of Marvel's Eternals received mixed reactions among fans but it still made some major buzz. Despite the pandemic, fans are still clamoring for more Marvel content. This is proven with the recent success of WandaVision and The Falcon and the Winter Soldier on Disney+.

The first trailer for Eternals has garnered over a total of 77 million views in 24 hours for the online release. This number is attained across different websites and platforms it was released. The trailers for Eternals make it the most viewed Marvel teaser during the pandemic. The long-awaited trailer was released on May 24.


The trailer also featured an all-star cast such as Salma Hayek, Angelina Jolie, and Richard Madden who are dressed in their full costumes as the Eternals. They are a team of powerful ancient aliens who were living on Earth secretly for thousands of years. They are observing the progress of humanity. Fans are wondering how the Eternals reacted when Thanos arrived on Earth.

The Eternals is the first trailer to make history as the most viewed teaser for both the Disney-Marvel franchise in the 14-month-long pandemic. Minutes after the May 24 release, the trailer rose to the number one trending video on YouTube. The record was previously held by Cruella's trailer with 71 million views in the first 24 hours.

The first full trailer for Eternals gave fans a hint on what to expect about the film. The trailer was narrated by Salma Hayek who plays the role of Ajak. The trailer featured certain dramatic shots and fight scenes, it ended with a light note with the ancients happily chatting while sharing a meal.

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