First Dune Trailer Reportedly Coming Out in August

Despite a few new images that have been keeping fan interest up, many are still waiting for the first Dune trailer from Warner Bros. After all, this is a highly-anticipated movie from a franchise that many simply adore so fans just want to see more of it. Though nothing concrete has come from Warner Bros. it looks like some international outlets have confirmed that we'll finally see the very first trailer sometime next month.

According to Danish theater Palads Teatret (thanks Trailer-Track), the first Dune trailer will be shown during a re-screening of Christopher Nolan movie Inception. The re-release is also going to happen in US theaters as Inception is expected to release on August 21, assuming that AMC theaters will be open by then. If you do decide to participate in these shows, please wear a damn mask.

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Credit: Warner Bros.

You could say that Warner Bros. was smart to announce a December release for Dune, though COVID-19 has really muddled everyone's plans. Movies have been reshuffled and people are losing jobs, if you don't think 2020 is an awful year then you are living in some sort of bubble. We hope that things will get better by then but we'll have to wait and see.

If things go well, Dune is still slated to come out this December. Will it actually happen though? Let's hope for the best.

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