Firefly Revival Should Explore Captain Mal's Relationship With Inara, Says Morena Baccarin

Fans are still holding on to hope that Firefly will get a revival sometime in the future. But what would be in store for Inara Serra if her story gets revisited? Morena Baccarin says the best way to proceed would be to explore her character's relationship with Captain Malcolm Reynolds.

Baccarin recently spoke to AV Club about the different roles she has played in movies and TV. When she was finally asked how Inara's future will look like if Firefly was brought back, the Gotham actress suggested that her character might finally find joy.

"That's a good question. She's just so tortured. I'd really like her to be a little bit happy," Baccarin said with a laugh. "Maybe she'd find a way. But her relationship with Mal is so contingent on both of them being slightly unhappy, so I don't know that they'll ever be happy."

But would she consider reprising her role in a Firefly revival? Baccarin was understandably cautious about the idea.

"Would I be interested? Sure. I'm open but scared—we did something great, so why touch it? And we're all older and different and I don't know if you get that kind of mojo back again," she said.

Although it's unlikely that we'll ever get to see Firefly making a major comeback, Baccarin admitted that she is grateful to the fans for their love for the show.

"I am really humbled by the intensity of the fans when it comes to the show. It still surprises me," she said.

We're not exactly expecting a Firefly revival anymore but perhaps fans shouldn't lose hope. If Charmed can get a reboot, Firefly deserves a second chance as well.

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