Final Hellboy Trailer Offers First Look At Thomas Haden Church As Lobster Johnson

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The premiere of Hellboy is only a few days away and the final trailer has just been dropped. Interestingly, the teaser puts the focus on Nimue's history and how she was initially chopped into several pieces to prevent a global catastrophe. In addition to that, we finally have our first look at Thomas Haden Church as Lobster Johnson.

The Hellboy trailer opens with Trevor Bruttenholm (Ian McShane) describing Nimue as "the queen of blood for a f--king good reason." It is revealed that Nimue (Milla Jovovich) was subdued by medieval knights who decapitated her and cut her up into several pieces. However, the sorceress isn't ready to give up just yet. "This is not over," she declares. "I am eternal." Not surprisingly, her worshippers have collected all of her body parts and put them back together so she could live again.

Of course, it's time for some action. Hellboy (David Harbour) is summoned just as horrific monsters begin attacking people. It isn't long before we see someone burning a mark on a screaming man's forehead.

"Guten Tag," Lobster Johnson (Church) greets us and Hellboy is clearly pleased by his arrival. "I love you, Lobster Johnson!" he declares.

It's a bloody and brutal trailer that pretty much confirms why the film is getting an R-rating. However, that doesn't mean that there aren't funny moments. A mysterious woman tells Hellboy, "He will build statues of you made from the bones of your enemies." He seems mildly bemused. "They'd take a sh-t ton of bones," he replies. This certainly sounds like a whole lot of fun.

The synopsis for Hellboy reads as follows:

"Hellboy and his closest allies battle an undead sorceress who has the intention of destroying the world."

Hellboy will crash into theaters on April 12.

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