Final Fantasy VII Remake Might Have an Easy Platinum Trophy

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Final Fantasy VII Remake might already be available if you're in Europe or Australia but everyone else will have to wait until April 10 to get it. While most people can just pick it up digitally when the date arrives, others may have already pre-ordered physical editions of the game and will have to wait for it. Still, it looks like the game is going to be worth it, thanks to its graphics and improved gameplay.

Trophy collectors might also be happy to know that the Final Fantasy VII Remake Platinum Trophy could be an easy get. That's pretty surprising since some Platinum Trophies can be a bitch to get so this could be a breezy bit of completion. The last game that had an easy, yet satisfying Platinum Trophy to get was Marvel's Spider-Man so knowing that this could be another one is great.


Another interesting bit about the trophies is the fact that this game will have 18 chapters to plow through. Considering how the original game didn't have "chapters" it's hard to tell if this means we'll be getting a longer experience or not. Square Enix already promised that this would be just as long as a modern Final Fantasy game, so that's about 30 to 50 hours.

Final Fantasy VII Remake will be coming out on PS4 next month, on April 10.

Via Powerpyx

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