Final Fantasy VII Remake Will Be Released Earlier for Europe and Australia Due to COVID-19

Final Fantasy VII Remake is scheduled for April 10 in most countries and fans around the world can't wait to play this beautiful-looking action RPG, especially after the amazing demo. In a fairly interesting bit of news, Square Enix revealed something interesting; due to the Coronavirus, the company will actually release the game a bit early for those who live in Europe and Australia.

Square Enix confirmed the news on Twitter and asked fans who purchase the game early to not spoil it for anyone. This might sound like an absurd request since most people already know the main plot of this game due to the PSOne original but there are a few new twists in there that will probably surprise us. While we're sure a number of fans will post spoilers on discussion-based websites like Reddit, here's hoping they don't do the same on social media.

Then again, we're sure there will be a few assholes who will want to spoil your fun. People can be pretty cruel.

Admittedly, most fans are smart enough to avoid spoilers for these big games so this shouldn't be a problem. At the least, some fans will know a bit more about Final Fantasy VII Remake than others and that's okay. Everyone is still getting the game, whether it comes out earlier or on April 10.

Unless you only have an Xbox One, PC, or Nintendo Switch. In that case, you're gonna have to wait a bit longer. Final Fantasy VII Remake will still come to North America and other countries on April 10. Europe and Australia might have it already.

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