Final Fantasy VII Remake Physical Copies Will Take a Long Time to Install

Final Fantasy VII Remake seems to be an amazing game, judging by all of the reviews and reactions it has been getting over the past week and we're all just chomping at the bit until April 10. Square Enix has made the game's pre-loading early so that those that order it digitally will be able to play it once it's fully downloaded. However, those that are planning to get the game on a physical case are going to have to wait quite a bit before playing.

As many fans know, Final Fantasy VII Remake will need to install a lot of data on the PS4 before you can play it. The game will come in two discs, one of which will just load half the data like Red Dead Redemption 2 did a number of years back. It's annoying but a small price to pay for a gorgeous game with a ton of stuff to do.

Still, that doesn't mean waiting is going to be fun. According to GameSpot, the Final Fantasy VII Remake install time could take up an hour or more. This is definitely going to be annoying so I hope you have a few episodes of your favorite show to watch on standby because it's going to be a dull wait.

Take that time to order a pizza I guess. Maybe make yourself a sandwich or listen to a podcast. Whatever you're doing now to kill time in COVID-19 times, keep doing that when Final Fantasy VII Remake installs on your PS4.

Final Fantasy VII Remake is coming to the PS4 on April 10.

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