Final Fantasy VII on Xbox One Now Has a Release Date

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Fans everywhere were rather pleased when it was announced that Final Fantasy VII would be coming to the Switch later this month but those that owned an Xbox One were left wondering when they would get the game. After all, these classic Final Fantasy games were advertised for the Xbox One as well, though the marketing from Nintendo was much stronger.

Turns out that Final Fantasy VII is coming to Xbox One on March 26, the same date as the Nintendo Switch version. This was revealed on the Xbox One store, so it seems to be pretty legitimate so if you've never played the classic JRPG before, now is your chance.

Square Enix has decided to become more giving to other gaming systems in recent years, announcing a slew of Final Fantasy games for both Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. The company even brought Kingdom Hearts 3 to the Xbox One, though for some reason Square Enix did not announce Kingdom Hearts: The Story So Far for the console, which means fans who've never played a game in the series and own an Xbox One are being thrown in the deep end.

Classic JRPG fans have a soft spot for Final Fantasy VII, since it essentially started the genre's movement on the original PlayStation. Sure, titles like Wild Arms came to the system first but Final Fantasy VII made the genre mainstream. It's good to know that those with an Xbox One will finally get to play it.


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