Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles Remastered Announced for PS4 and Nintendo Switch

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Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles was a well-liked Gamecube exclusive. It wasn't a perfect game as it focused on multiplayer more than single-player but as the first Final Fantasy game for that system, fans were quite pleased. Soon enough, fans are going to be able to play this gem once again as Square Enix has announced Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles Remastered for PS4 and Nintendo Switch.

This won't be a simple remaster, as the studio has confirmed a number of new features that will be added to the game. Four-player online multiplayer was announced, along with new voice-overs and new areas in previously seen dungeons. We also got a new trailer, which can be seen above and it looks like what most fans probably expected since this is a remastered Gamecube game.

Square Enix has actually done a solid job with these HD remasters of older titles. Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age for PS4 added a ton of new features that made it more convenient for this new era of gaming, like a speed-up feature for grinding. The Kingdom Hearts HD Collections are also worthwhile titles, finally giving the rest of the world the Final Mix versions of these awesome games and the 60 fps make these titles look better.

Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles Remastered is scheduled for a 2019 release.

Via Gematsu

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