Farming Life in Another World English Dub Cast, Release Date Announced

Farming Life in Another World English Dub Hakuren

Farming Life in Another World English Dub Hakuren

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It has been over two months now since the anime’s initial broadcast ended, and finally, HIDIVE announced the Farming Life in Another World English dub cast and release date.

HIDIVE revealed all the details about this farming isekai anime’s English dub, including the complete list of cast members, as well as when fans in the US can expect it to become available on the platform.

Farming Life in Another World English Dub Cast Announced

Farming Life in Another World Hiraku
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Farming Life in Another World is one of the many isekai anime that aired in the Winter 2023 season. Though it’s not a battle-focused show as it features a main character that is instead focusing on a quiet farming life.

Of course, this is still an isekai, so the main character soon finds himself in a harem, not to mention that he becomes the mayor of his new community.

HIDIVE announced the complete English dub cast of the anime on its website, and here are the principal voice cast members:

  • Blake Shepard (Ryosuke Kira in Blue Lock) as Hiraku
  • Luci Christian (Reg in Made in Abyss) as Lu Lulucy
  • Monica Rial (Bulma in Dragon Ball Super) as Tia
  • Katelyn Barr (Nikki Hanada in Dr. Stone: New World) as Lea
  • Shannon Emerick (Finn Deimne in DanMachi) as Anne
  • Joe Daniels (Thorkell in Vinland Saga) as Beezel
  • Raven Troup (Delta in The Eminence in Shadow) as Corone
  • Jeremy Gee (Keiji Akaashi in Haikyuu!!) as Daga
  • Louis Gallindo (Ken Miyamae in Monthly Girls’ Nozaki-kun) as Donovan
  • Andrew Love (Matsuda in Call of the Night) as Dryme
  • Annie Wild (Sharol Iridescence in Vermeil in Gold) as Flora
  • Allison Sumrall (Hinako Inui in Food Wars!) as Flowrem
  • Chris Hutchison (Steyl in My Isekai Life) as Galgardo
  • Brandon Hearnsberger (Ichigo Saito in Oshi no Ko) as Garf
  • David Wald (Snipe in My Hero Academia) as God
  • Skyler Sinclair (Eve Wakamiya in BanG Dream!) as Goddess

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Farming Life in Another World English Dub Release Date

Farming Life in Another World Flora
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Along with the complete cast, the Farming Life in Another World English dub version is confirmed to release this July on HIDIVE in the US and other selected regions.

Specifically, the anime’s first episode will be available beginning June 8 at 12:00 PM EDT/9:00 AM PDT. This means fans won’t have to wait too long before its release.

The gap between the English dub and the original Japanese version is quite long.

After all, shows such as Oshi no Ko have English dub versions that are aired with just a delay of a month or so.

Still, this should be good news for fans who weren’t able to watch Farming Life during its initial Japanese run.

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Source: HIDIVE website

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