Fantastic Four: Killing Eve Star Jodie Comer Reportedly Cast as Sue Storm

For the past several weeks, we've been hearing a lot of rumors surrounding the actors that are being considered to play the First Family in the MCU reboot of Fantastic Four. A lot of fans are expecting that Marvel will officially announce the casting at their D23 presentation this Saturday. However, it looks like we may now have the name of the actress who is tapped to play Sue Storm.

According to movie pundit John Campea on his YouTube show (via The Direct), Killing Eve star Jodie Comer is being tapped to play Sue Storm/Invisible Woman in Fantastic Four based on the multiple sources that he heard that corroborated the rumor.

"So one of the little pieces of whispering I started to hear about two months ago. And I didn't give alot to it. I didn't give alot of credence to it in my own head. It was regarding Fantastic Four, and it was Free Guy's Jodie Comer... That she's going to be our Sue Storm. And she's going to be announced as Sue Storm at D23," Campea said.

As Campea is warning his viewers to take the information with a grain of salt, he explained that he frequently receives information from various sources although he chose not to report them until the trades make it official. However, in this case, he decided to mention it on his show after he started hearing the Comer rumor from other sources.

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"About a week and a half ago, maybe two weeks ago, I heard the same thing [about Comer], but from a different person," he continued to explain. "I'm like, 'Huh, okay. Alright' Now, this person has steered my right before, but they also steered me wrong very big once. So, I'm like, 'Umm, okay. You are now the second person I've heard about this. Alright.'"

"Compound on top of that, yesterday I was talking to a friend of mine who is in this industry, who does sort of what I do. And they had heard from another person that I don't know, Jodie's name came up to."

Campea said that based on the information that he heard, he believes that Comer is the actress that Marvel will announce to play Sue Storm during their upcoming D23 presentation. However, he also warned that there is a chance that the information is not true and they could reveal another actress instead.

While it is exciting to hear that the Emmy winner is the likely candidate to play Sue Storm, we still need to wait for Marvel Studios' official announcement at D23 where they are expected to announce the entire cast. For now, all we can do is speculate and wait for confirmation that might happen very soon.

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Fantastic Four is set to be released in theaters on November 8, 2024. You can check more details about it here.

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