Fantastic Four: Disney+ Poll Seemingly Confirms Actress Who’ll Play MCU’s Sue Storm

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Credit: Fox

The entire comic book film fandom is rejoicing after Marvel Studios finally granted the request of many and cast John Krasinski as Reed Richards. While the actor only played a variant of Mister Fantastic who lives on Earth-838, it gave fans renewed hope that he could still end up playing Reed in the Marvel Cinematic Universe's main timeline of Earth-616.

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Credit: Marvel Studios

As it stands, casting details regarding the Fantastic Four reboot are still being kept under wraps. But a new Disney+ poll might have dropped new information about two of the project's key castings and it's something MCU diehards will truly be thrilled about.

CinemaBlend's Managing Editor Sean O'Connell recently took to Twitter and shared a screenshot of a survey sent out to patrons of the streaming service. The survey was conducted by an outside company and intriguingly enough, it includes a section for the Fantastic Four reboot featuring a fan-made poster of John Krasinski as Reed Richards and Emily Blunt as Sue Storm. Check it out below:

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We've yet to confirm if the House of Mouse actually had a hand in distributing the said survey but the inclusion of Krasinski and Blunt is definitely a massive tease. Now, we all know that Marvel Studios loves giving away some fan service and the idea of Emily actually playing Invisible Woman alongside her husband has money written all over it.

Sure, she previously stated that she has no interest in starring in a superhero flick but for all we know, she's probably just trying to pull an Andrew Garfield.

Fantastic Four's release date has yet to be determined. Meanwhile, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness is still screening in cinemas.

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