Fantastic Four Director Josh Trank Blames Studio For Negative Reviews

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Josh Trank's Fantastic Four is getting ripped by critics. Its Rotten Tomatoes already dipped below the 2005 film, and it will probably perform terribly at the box office this weekend. Although there are some positive reviews, the consensus has been tragically negative, but according to director Josh Trank, the blame shouldn't be placed on himself, as he claims to have a much better version a year ago.

Trank posted on his personal Twitter account his explanation on his view about the critical backlash that his superhero reboot has received. Check out the screenshot from his Twitter page below:


It sounds like Trank was forced to give up creative control for the film about a year ago , and the version released in theaters is more of a product of 20th Century Fox than him. He might be telling the truth, but this second time he's defended himself and his work. Back in May, Trank dropped out (or fired) from the Star Wars Anthology project. After rumors spread that he was fired because of his attitude problems during the filming of Fantastic Four, he defended his departure, saying that it was his decision to leave the project. Who would want to turn down Star Wars?

So what do you think about Trank's response to the harsh criticisms on Fantastic Four?

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