Fantastic Four 2015 Writer Apologizes for the Movie

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2015's Fantastic Four was known to be so bad that the film cost director Josh Trank his job at working on a Star Wars film. Writing this thread on Twitter, FF screenwriter Jeremy Slater takes the time to apologize for his work on Marvel's First Family.

Seeing that Slater's speciality usually fell on the horror genre, I can kind of understand why Fantastic Four ended up the way it did. Then again, there was said to be numerous problems behind the scenes, that it couldn't have just been Slater's fault that the movie ended up terrible.


If you look at Slater's resume, you could say that a majority of his movies have not been so well received. Slater had also provided the screenplay for Netflix's Death Note, which was total garbage as well; but on the bright side, there are very good ratings for The Exorcist series which Slater had created.

Now Slater's working on the adaptation of Gerard Way's comic, The Umbrella Academy for Netflix in which he's show creator. I guess Slater has proven himself more when it comes to TV than movies.

Then again, that's just one guy's opinion.

Slater's next work, The Umbrella Academy comes to Netflix sometime in 2019.

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