Fantastic Beasts 3 Star Wants to Work on Alien: Covenant Sequel

It has been a long delay but Fantastic Beasts 3 has finally started production. However, it looks like Katherine Waterston has other things in mind although she is working on the Harry Potter spin-off. Waterston has just admitted that she is eager to reunite with Ridley Scott so she could work on the Alien: Covenant sequel.

Waterston recently spoke to The Playlist where she spoke about her upcoming series The Third Day, which also stars her Fantastic Beasts castmate Jude Law. Although she has several projects in development, Waterston admitted that a possible sequel to Covenant is the one thing she would sign on to "in a heartbeat."

"I loved working with Ridley and I loved playing that part," Waterston said.

In Covenant, Waterston played Daniels, the crew member of the Covenant who was one of the survivors at the end of the film. But is it possible that Daniels survived after what happened in the movie? Waterston is hopeful and eager to explore her character's story further.

"I hope we can! I would love it! I hope she's still alive!" she said.

For now, it is still unclear whether Scott will be working on a sequel to Covenant. After all ,he has been a busy man and his most recent project is the sci-fi web series Raised By Wolves. Nevertheless, fans are hoping that the Alien franchise is far from over and that a sequel will be announced soon.

Waterston is currently working on Fantastic Beasts 3 which is scheduled for release on November 12, 2021.

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