Fans Rediscover Years-Old Frieren Cameo in Komi Can’t Communicate

Frieren Komi Cameo

Frieren Komi Cameo

Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End finally premiered, and it took the anime world by storm with its compelling story and impressive visuals. Along with the praise, fans also rediscovered a years-old Frieren cameo in Komi Can’t Communicate.

On Reddit, there were several Frieren discussion threads where fans talked about how great the show was. In one of these discussions, an old Frieren cameo was shared, and it got a lot of attention from fans.

Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End Makes a Splash With Two-Hour Premiere

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Even without the cameo though, Frieren is already on its way to becoming one of the most talked-about shows of Fall 23. This makes sense given the hype behind the series, as well as its extra-long premiere.

There have been many anime this year that had longer premieres than usual. For instance, there’s Oshi no Ko, which had a feature-length first episode.

Frieren outdid even Oshi no Ko though, as it essentially aired its first four episodes in one go.

It wasn’t explained why the show had this long premiere, but it makes sense from a story perspective. After all, these first four episodes are needed to set up Frieren’s next journey.

Many anime fans were drawn to the series because of this long premiere, and they were rewarded with an incredible set of episodes. Lots of fans were impressed by the anime’s visuals, along with its unique story.

It may have only become more mainstream now, but Frieren already had a sizeable fanbase even before the anime started. This is proven by a surprising cameo that surprised newer fans.

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Fans Rediscover a Surprising Frieren Cameo in Komi Can’t Communicate

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Reddit user u/LeonKevlar commented on a Frieren discussion thread about how this isn’t the first time that Frieren has appeared in an anime.

Frieren’s appearance was in Komi Can’t Communicate, the rom-com slice-of-life anime by OLM. Specifically, Frieren appeared as Komi’s character in the Smash Bros-like game they played in Episode 9 of Season 1.

It’s not exactly Frieren, but Komi’s character looks very much styled after her based on her hairstyle and outfit.

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This is an unexpected cameo given that they don’t share the same studio. But both the Komi and Frieren: Beyond Journey's End manga are serialized in Weekly Shonen Sunday – that’s a likely reason for the cameo.

Fans will be guaranteed to see more of Frieren in the anime’s next episode, which will be released on Crunchyroll this weekend.

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