29 Jul 2021 1:14 PM +00:00

Fans Berate Gina Carano on Twitter After Making Another Anti-Vax Post

Credit: Lucasfilm

Since the pandemic struck last year, Gina Carano has been actively voicing her opinion regarding the effectiveness of COVID-19 vaccines on social media and she's been firm from the get-go with her stand that they don't work. The former The Mandalorian actress, who was ousted from the Star Wars franchise earlier this year continues to underestimate the efficacy of vaccine shots despite claims from most medical professionals that they are indeed vital in the fight against COVID.

On Twitter, Carano once again threw shade at COVID-19 vaccines, claiming that its promise of "freedom" isn't exactly guaranteed. In a new post mocking the vaccine, the former mixed martial arts fighter shared a popular meme template from South Park which features the text "If you'll get vaccinated, you'll get your freedom back" followed by "and it's gone", implying that there's no truth behind the effectiveness of the vaccines.

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Credit: lucasfilm

The post received mixed reactions from Twitter users, mostly negative as fans are once again trying to educate the former Cara Dune actress. Some are even berating the Carano for continuously mocking the situation. Check out the tweets below:


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I still don't understand why some people are coming up with outrageous conspiracy theories about the COVID-19 vaccine. With the lethal delta variant of the virus threatening to cause another global problem, people would totally benefit from getting vaccinated so please, do your part and go get that vaccine shot. We all want to experience normalcy after all.

It's also crazy that celebrities like Gina Carano aren't using their platforms to raise awareness when fellow actors like Hugh Jackman, Ryan Reynolds, and more have come out to convince people to get vaccinated.

Meanwhile, The Mandalorian's third season has reportedly begun production.