Fairy Ranmaru: Anata no Kokoro Otasuke Shimasu Anime Release Date, Trailer, Director, News and Everything You Need to Know

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not being one of the more anticipated series

of the spring season, I'm still unironically looking forward to watching the magical boy series

Fairy Ranmaru: Anata no Kokoro Otasuke Shimasu

. As an unapologetic fan of other magical boy series including

Cute High School Earth Defense Force Love


Magical Girl Ore

, this one looks like it's going to be right up my alley.

On Thursday, March 11th, a new promotional video for the Studio Comet produced series hit the internet, which reveals the 11 pm JST on April 8th premiere date and primary voice cast while reaffirming the information that was previously announced.

As seen in the promotional video, the voice cast is as follows (character names first):

Ranmaru Ai: Shojo Sakata
Homura Hoterase: Kohsuke Tanabe
Uru Seiren: Yutaka Balletta
Juka Mutsuoka: Taichi Kusano
Takara Utashiro: Akihiro Hori
Sirius Tenroin: Tetsuei Sumiya
Hojo Amamori: Junpei Morita
Jo-o: Shiori Mikami
Bakkun: Kazutomi Yamamoto

As for the crew, Studio Comet is producing the animation with Masakazu Hishida serving as the director while Kosuke Kobayashi is credited as the series director. They will work off scripts written by Yuzuru Aoba. The series will also have three different character designers: Shouko Nagasawa will design the human characters, Andgy will design the holy characters, and Tomoko Miyakawa will design the mascot characters. yamazo will compose the background music while the primary voice cast will perform both the opening and ending theme songs, "Ayashiku Get your heart" and "Yо̄sei Aika" respectively.

We don't know a lot about the story as of yet. All we know for certain is that the story involves a group of guys who either work at or hang out at Bar F. In this bar, the guys all make it their mission to heal hearts and make smiles appear on faces once again all while refusing to take any payment for their services.

As I stated earlier, I'm unironically looking forward to watching this series and at least giving it the good old three-episode test run. I'm willing to bet though that this series ends up surprising more than a few people by the time it's done.

Sources: Crunchyroll News, Anime News Network

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