Ezra Miller Dismisses Massive Rumor Concerning the Future of the DCEU

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Credit: WB

We all know for a fact that the DC Extended Universe has been struggling for years to keep things together and despite numerous attempts, they simply cannot match the Marvel Cinematic Universe in terms of box office returns and fan engagement. Sure, Warner Bros. and DC Films struck gold with films like Wonder Woman, Aquaman, and Shazam! but it hasn't been enough to make the DCEU as cohesive as they wanted it to.

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Credit: WB

It also doesn't help that the powers that be seemingly don't have any plans for two of the franchise's biggest heroes — Batman and Superman with Ben Affleck on his way out and Henry Cavill's status still uncertain. Now, a new rumor has been making the rounds all over social media claiming that the DCEU is set for a massive revamp.

According to a tweet from user @MyTimeToShineH which has now gone viral, Andy Muschiettie's standalone The Flash film will hit the reset button on the DCEU, something that didn't sit well with fans.

As it stands, nothing has been officially confirmed yet but the idea of the franchise going back to square one doesn't seem too farfetched especially given the questionable decisions WB has made in the past.

Now, Ezra Miller himself has reportedly debunked the said rumor and in a conversation with a fan on Instagram, the actor reassured DC diehards that The Flash won't be doing anything to change the DCEU continuity. The authenticity of the said exchange has yet to be proven but you can check it out below:

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The DCEU is clearly in shambles right now and it would take a miracle for WB and DC Films to turn things around for the franchise. There's always hope, of course, but the studios' hesitance to listen to the fans has hindered the DCEU from reaching greater heights.

The Flash hits cinemas in November.