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EXO Suho Teases Special Gift for Fans: What Could It Be?

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EXO’s Suho has finally been discharged from his mandatory military service. So to address his fans, the group’s leader pens a lengthy note and teases a special gift for his followers.

As expected, many started to think about what kind of gift Suho would give to his fans. Will this be the EXO’s comeback, a new album, or a new K-drama?

EXO Suho’s Letter for His Fans

On Monday, Feb. 14., Suho shared a handwritten letter on his Instagram. Here, he revealed how much he had missed his followers during his military service.

Later, he teased a special gift to thank his fans for their continuous support, per Indian Express.

“Hello, everyone. This is EXO’s leader Suho, Kim Junmyeon. As of today, Feb. 14, 2022, I have finally been discharged!” he started his note. “First, I want to say before anything else that I missed EXO-L the most.”

He thanked his fans for having a meaningful time during his service that let him think of EXO-L more. So how much does he miss his fans and fellow EXO members?

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He revealed it was to the point that they dreamed of them holding a concert together. After one year and nine months of waiting, Suho believed it made their “feelings grow even deeper.”

“If I could hug you, I would hug you tight and not let you go,” he continued. From here, he revealed he was preparing a gift for EXO-L

“I hope that it will be a gift that makes you feel it was worth it to wait for me,” the 30-year-old star added.

Suho officially enlisted onMay 14, 2020. He is the third EXO member who returned from military service after Xiumin and D.O. Chen, Chanyeol and Baekhyun are still in service.

EXO Suho’s Possible Gift for Fans

As Suho didn’t reveal what gift he was about to give his fans, they started to expect these three things from him, as listed by GMA News.

Of course, first on the list is a new album. After the release of Self-Portrait in March 2020, fans want to hear something new from the singer-songwriter.

Fans are also looking forward to seeing an EXO comeback. In fact, it’s one of the most-awaited events in the K-pop world as the boys are now mainly focusing on their solo works.

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In fact, their latest release, “Don’t Fight the Feeling,” is a huge hit and as Suho missed this comeback, this may be the right time to feature the boys’ return with him.

Lastly, the viewers may have missed Suho as the actor Kim Junmyeon. This guy is not only a good singer and dancer. He, too, acts well.

He has been in a number of stage plays, dramas, and films. So, returning to acting after his enlistment is maybe one of the things that Suho needs to do.

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