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All of Us Are Dead Park Ji Hoo Breaks Silence Over Character Criticisms

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The latest Netflix zombie series’ All of Us Are Dead, has gained everyone’s attention. Fans have loved its cast of characters, featuring high school students who bravely fight the undead to survive and escape. But there’s one student whose character has been questioned by many.

Many have expressed their disappointment about Nam On-Jo’s (Park Ji Hoo) role in All of Us Are Dead. So to answer all the criticisms about her, the 18-year-old star has finally broken her silence.

The Complains about Park Ji Hoo‘s Character in All of Us Are Dead

In the series, Nam On-Jo has feelings for Soo Hyuk (Park Solomon), while Cheong-San (Yoon Chan Young) is in love with her. Sure, her father is a firefighter, and she has learned a thing or two about surviving a difficult situation, but she is often stunned and doesn’t know what to do.

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Viewers criticize Nam On-Jo for being passive and her emotionally-charged reactions in a number of critical situations. At one point, she even went face-to-face with a zombie without moving at all.

With that being said, some felt annoyed that these traits were far different from Nam On-Jo in Joo Dong Geun’s webtoon. Hence, they can’t help but call the Netflix version of Nam On-Jo “frustrating” and a “nuisance character.”

Park Ji Hoo Answers Criticisms About her Role in All of Us Are Dead

So, in a recent interview, via Koreaboo, Park Ji Hoo answers all the criticisms about her character in All of Us Are Dead.

The up-and-coming star revealed she understood where fans were coming from. Though she didn’t notice she was acting that way when filming the series, she thought viewers might be frustrated with her character when she watched her scenes.

However, some netizens come to her rescue, saying her acting is natural as no high school student knows how to react in that zombie situation. They also insist that the TV adaptation of the series shall be different from the original webtoon.

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In fact, it’s the same thing the young actress says.

“I think there will be various reactions in that situation (full of zombies). On Jo is a teenager, and she’s emotional,” she explains. “So if she loses her friends, she may have that kind of reaction.”

Park Ji Hoo even admits that she is also disappointed with her character herself. She said she might have done more action scenes instead of running a lot if she could only do things differently.

“Because of this, she had a lot of scenes where she was always running, falling, and coming face-to-face with zombies,” she said. “I thought to myself, ‘I wish On Jo could have been more brave [sic] because she would have been able to fight the zombies head-on.’”

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