EXO Suho Discloses What Kind of Person Sehun Is In His Life

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Credit: KBS WORLD TV/YouTube Screenshot

EXO Suho established a close relationship with the members, especially with Sehun.

In every K-pop group, there are members who serve as the leader and maknae (youngest member). In EXO, Suho and Sehun got the roles, respectively.

Although they already lost several members in the past years, EXO remains close to one another. Suho, as their leader, ensures that all members work in harmony while treating them in the best way possible. But he reportedly treats Sehun a little different.

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EXO Suho Sees Sehun Differently

Suho recently spoke with Esquire Korea and talked about his recent comeback album and his plans as a K-pop idol and actor. In addition, he also shared his thoughts about Sehun and what kind of person he is in his life.

According to the EXO leader, he sees Sehun as his younger sibling. Although he cares for all his members, the youngest member is reportedly different.

“I saw him from when he was so young. We even used the same room for five to six years. When our other members moved out from our shared room to individual rooms, we still shared. When I asked Sehun, he said he was afraid to sleep alone. He said, ‘If you’re uncomfortable, you can use your own room, but I like sharing.’ I couldn’t turn him down, and Sehun became someone I always embrace,” he explained.

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Although they debuted together under SM Entertainment, Sehun and Suho actually met earlier than that. The Grey Suit singer reportedly saw Sehun for the first time when the member was in sixth grade while he was in 19th grade.

While he is now Sehun’s hyung, the member could not look him in the eyes properly.

Suho then noted that Sehun was way shorter than him before – something that is opposite now.

EXO Suho is Sehun’s Mother

It was not the first time Suho had talked about his bandmate.

In an interview with Problematic Men, Suho revealed that he is like a mother figure to Sehun. Among the members of the K-pop boy group, they reportedly share a close bond.

Sehun, in addition, is reportedly their group’s biggest fanboy who always wishes and prays the best for their well-being.

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