EXO Suho Shares His Hopes As K-pop Idol, Actor Following Album Release

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Credit: SMTOWN/YouTube Screenshot

EXO Suho still wants to achieve several things despite being successful in the K-pop and TV industries.

Before Suho became EXO’s leader, he – like the other members – went through a training period. He officially joined SM Entertainment through the agency’s Casting System in 2006 after the SM casting manager spotted him on the streets.

Even before his debut, the company already saw his potential that he was selected to play a cameo role in the Super Junior film, Attack on the Pin-Up Boys.

Now that he had already spent more than a decade of his life as an artist, Suho shared his hopes as an idol and actor following the release of his new album.

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EXO Suho Says Grey Suit is a Metaphor

In an interview with Esquire Korea, Suho noted that he reached the “third round of his life” after his debut with EXO, solo debut, and promotions after his military service.

According to the K-pop idol, he gained self-confidence in the past years. He reportedly got the chance to know himself in the past 10 years, including his strengths and weaknesses.

Although fans already love him, Suho said he still has some aspects that can be improved. In order to help himself with that, the K-pop idol reportedly began trying anything he thinks he could do.

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As for his career as a K-pop idol, Suho said, “In terms of music, I want to create a color that is unique to Suho and my own genre where anyone can tell that it’s Suho’s music. When this album is done, I plan to attempt songwriting.”

Meanwhile, he also expressed his desire to become part of Hollywood flicks. He already saw how his seniors in the TV and film industry already reached the international stage. With that, Suho hopes to work with global actors soon, as well.

EXO Suho Still Enjoyed His Youth Despite Busy Schedule

Elsewhere in the discussion, Suho took his time to thank his parents and their influence, that helped him experience how to become a typical student. Although he became a trainee at a young age, he reportedly remained active in middle school and high school.

However, he still reportedly faced struggles compared to an average student since he felt pressured when SHINee finally announced their debut. He almost debuted with them, but his leg injury caused the agency to keep him as a trainee for more years.

But that injury was a blessing in disguise since, if it was not for it, EXO would never have a great leader like him.


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