EXO Sehun Net Worth 2023: Is Group Maknae the Wealthiest Member?

Credit: SMTOWN/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: SMTOWN/YouTube Screenshot

EXO Sehun and the rest of the group debuted in the world of K-pop in 2012. They have since remained active in the industry, continuing to reach new heights and break records in the music space.

With the all-male act's fame and success, it no longer comes as a shock that the idols have amassed significant wealth over the years. These include the youngest member, Sehun, who also has already made a name for himself outside the music scene.

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Is EXO Sehun The Wealthiest In The Group?

Despite the group maknae's apparent feats in South Korean entertainment, on top of his reported millionaire status, he is not the wealthiest member of the act.

Seoul Space lists Sehun as the seventh member of the group with the highest amount of net worth. It also places Baekhyun on top of its chart, making him the wealthiest member of EXO.

Even so, while the maknae does not have the highest net worth figure in their act, he has seemingly still obtained massive wealth since he debuted as a K-pop idol more than a decade ago.

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About The Group Maknae's Net Worth

To date, Sehun is reportedly worth $11 million. There remains no confirmation, however, whether the given figure is the actual amount of his wealth.

But, KpopStarz noted in a previous report covering the matter that the reported net worth amount is only an estimation. It also added that the provided figure is not surprising, considering the idol's success in both his solo and group activities in South Korean entertainment.

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How Sehun Has Amassed His Wealth

The publication explained in its piece, published in July 2022, that Sehun has amassed most of his wealth through his profits as a member of EXO. He and the rest of the act are said to have done several music productions and releases alongside concerts and tours, as well as official appearances and engagements, since their debut.

However, unlike most of his co-members, the group maknae has yet to have his solo debut, as per the outlet. But, despite this, the publication recalled that he already has numerous acting credits under his name.

Moreover, Sehun also reportedly has his solo endorsement deals and brand partnerships, allowing him to further his net worth.

Watch this space for more EXO Sehun news.

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