Ex-Superman Actor Henry Cavill Reportedly Eyed as Next Spider-Man

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Credit: WB
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The end of Henry Cavill's tenure as Superman in the DC Universe is still a hard pill to swallow for a lot of fans but to some, it's seen as a huge blessing in disguise because now, his idea of him crossing over to the Marvel Universe just became a possibility.

Credit: WB

If you've been following the most recent reports since Cavill's DC departure, speculation is running high that the British star is heading to the Marvel Cinematic Universe to potentially play a high-profile superhero role. Now, a new report claims that Cavill could be entering the Spider-Verse to breathe life into an interesting iterarion of the wall-crawling hero.

According to a recent rumor from Giant Freakin Robot, Cavill is currently in negotiations with Sony Pictures to play Spider-UK in their ever-expanding Spider-Man universe. In the comics, this version of the web-slinger named William Braddock comes from Earth-833 and operates as Spider-UK, a member of the Captain Britain Corps.

It's also worth noting that the actor is heavily rumored to be in Kevin Feige's radar to play Brian Braddock, Earth-616's Captain Britain in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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The likelihood of Henry making the jump to the Marvel Universe has grown exponentially since his controversial DC exit and we'd like to assume that it's only a matter of time before we see him on the other side.

That's not to say though that the DCU's doors have completely shut on him because James Gunn himself has expressed his interest in working with him in the future. Whether or not Cavill accepts the role remains to be seen.

Meanwhile, Marvel Studios and Sony Pictures' Spider-Man 4 is currently in development.