28 Feb 2019 11:26 AM +00:00 UTC

‘Everyone is a Target' in Marvel's Upcoming 'Venom' Event

Donny Cates' run on Venom has been one of the most popular comics around these days, with many even claiming that it's the best Marvel series out right now. Cates and regular artist Ryan Stegman are currently in hiatus, working on the next big storyline, while Venomized writer Cullen Bunn takes over the title for three issues to tie-in to War of the Realms.

It looks like that hiatus is being used to work on something epic as Marvel (via Newsarama) has teased that "Everyone is a Target," with a new piece of art from Greg Land hyping up a new Venom event. This will apparently be the "biggest" Venom event, which is saying a lot since Cates' run on the series has been insanely amazing.

(Marvel Comics)

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The teaser shows several major Marvel characters trapped in, what appears to be, the Carnage symbiote. We see Spider-Man (of course), Captain America, Captain Marvel, Hawkeye, and the Immortal Hulk in the red symbiote while Venom is on top, seemingly trying to save them. It even seems like these heroes are trying to grab onto Venom, which indicates that he will be the hero of this story.


Cates has been teasing something major with Carnage, reviving original host Cletus Cassidy and having him take over a cult. This cult will likely be filled with Symbiote-infested thugs and Venom will have to stop him somehow. These two characters have always been at odds with each other, so this event will likely be violent, in addition to feeling very ‘90s.

Both Cates and Stegman are expected to return to Venom in July. Expect more on the event in the coming weeks.

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