Evangelion Box Office: Evangelion: 3.0+1.0 Thrice Upon a Time Earns Over 30 Million From Over 2 Million Admissions In First Week

In an update to a story that we posted about last week, we have new figures out of Japan for the "final" Evangelion movie titled Evangelion: 3.0+1.0 Thrice Upon a Time and they are big. Not Demon Slayer the movie big, but still quite colossal in its own right. In our initial article, we reported that the final Evangelion movie had sold 539,623 tickets for 802,774,200 yen (approximately $7.4 million) on its first day alone. So how has the movie done since then?

In its first week, the entertainment website Variety is reporting that the latest Evangelion movie has sold a whopping 2.2 million admission tickets across 466 screens (including IMAX) for a box office total of $30.6 million! In other words, in one single week, the latest Evangelion movie has almost beaten the final total for the third movie of the quartet (which finished its run with $48.6 million).

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With the movie proving to be one of the hottest tickets in Japan right now, studio Khara is being vigilant about piracy putting out a message in different languages stating that they are not afraid to prosecute anyone who illegally records and/or shares a pirated copy of the movie.

I have personally, previously gone on the record as saying that I did not enjoy the Evangelion television series. I have also gone on the record and said that I want to give this series a second chance from start to finish, including the rebuild movies to see if my opinion has changed. I was a much different person when I first saw this series and don't want to go through my entire life wondering if my initial gut reaction to the series is, in fact, not actually how I feel about the series now that I'm older and have had different life experiences.

Remember that if you're like me and want to give this series a second chance (or even a first chance if you're a newer anime fan), the entire series is available now on Netflix though if you want the exact same experience as older fans you'll have to track down a copy of the DVDs.

Source: Variety

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