Eternals Star Harry Styles Addresses Accusations of Faking His ‘Queer’ Identity

Credit: Marvel Studios

Credit: Marvel Studios

Long before his involvement in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Eternals actor Harry Styles has been in the public eye for well over a decade now. The pop star has had his fair share of controversies over the years but one subject he can't seem to escape is the speculation surrounding his sexuality.

Harry Styles
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Credit: Harry Styles

While Styles has denied rumors about his alleged bisexuality, he has adopted a gender-fluid image since departing from his former group One Direction, something that has since been tagged by fans as an attempt at queerbaiting. Now, Harry is finally breaking his silence.

Speaking with Rolling Stone for its September issue, Harry, who stars in the upcoming thriller film Don't Worry Darling opposite fellow MCU star Florence Pugh has addressed accusations that he's been faking a queer persona to lure his LGBTQ+ fanbase. Some fans have pointed out the fact that he's only been seen publicly with women and his gender fluidity is questionable.

Harry responds: "Sometimes people say, ‘You’ve only publicly been with women,’ and I don’t think I’ve publicly been with anyone. If someone takes a picture of you with someone, it doesn’t mean you’re choosing to have a public relationship or something."

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In other Harry Styles news, the actor cast doubt on his acting career and hinted that he's shifting his focus back to music for the time being. Now, while it's not a clear indication that he's stepping away from Hollywood, it looks like we'll have to wait a little longer to see him back on the big screen. The question is, how does that affect his MCU role?

Don't Worry Darling hits cinemas on September 23, 2022. Meanwhile, Eternals is streaming on Disney+.

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