Harry Styles Finally Breaks Silence on Star Wars Casting Rumors

Harry Styles
Credit: Harry Styles

Harry Styles
Credit: Harry Styles

Harry Styles shocked fans when he made his Marvel Cinematic Universe debut during the credits scene of Eternals as Eros aka Starfox, Thanos' younger brother. We've yet to truly see how his character impacts the MCU moving forward but rumors began swirling all over the internet last month that the multi-awarded singer has his sights set on another massive media franchise.

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Credit: Marvel Studios

Giant Freakin Robot first reported that the "As it Was" hitmaker was in serious talks with Lucasfilm over a potential role in the Star Wars franchise. Of course, given the fact that Disney owns both properties, actors crossing over from one franchise to the other has become a common occurrence. We hate to break it to you though but according to Harry himself, he's unaware of such casting news.

When asked by Rolling Stone about the internet-breaking rumors of his arrival to a galaxy far, far away, the former One Direction singer pretty much dismissed the report, keeping his comment short and sweet by saying: "That's the first I've heard of that. I'd imagine... false."

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Harry's potential entry to the Star Wars universe raised a number of eyebrows within the fandom but to be fair, I think he would be a fine addition to the franchise especially if he's given a significant role. By no means is he a slouch when it comes to acting and I think it's time fans gave him credit for it.

Meanwhile, Eternals is available for streaming on Disney+.

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