Eternals Sets Record as the Biggest MCU Movie Debut on Disney+

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Eternals finally made its debut on Disney+ last January 12 two months after its theatrical release. Viewers can now finally watch the film from the comfort of their homes or rewatch it multiple times. Even though the film wasn't received well by critics, it still did well at the box office. Now, it looks like the people who streamed the film have spoken as the viewership numbers have been unveiled.

According to Samba TV, Eternals was watched by 2 million US households during its first five days on Disney+ making it the largest debut for an MCU movie. It also beats the record of Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings which was watched by 1.7 million US households during its first five days.

This just shows that a lot of viewers at home were interested to watch Eternals whether it's their first time to watch it or rewatching it after seeing it in theaters. It is unknown if the numbers indicate that they watched the entire movie or a significant portion of it, but nevertheless, it shows that there were a lot of views for the film.

So what does it say about the film and its possibility of having a sequel? It is consistent with the box office performance of the film which has grossed more than $400 million worldwide. It also shows that there was huge interest in the film even though it wasn't received well by critics. However, it doesn't say much if it would make Marvel officially announce a sequel for the film, but at least it indicates that there was interest enough for the film and they might want more from that world.

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Let's just wait and see if the numbers will lead to a decision regarding the future of the characters in the franchise and if it will remain consistent for a time being.

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