Eternals: Don Lee Will Reportedly Return as Gilgamesh in New MCU Project

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Marvel's Eternals introduced us to a new set of heroes in the MCU who are expected to be major players in the franchise moving forward. However, some of the characters didn't make it by the end of the film and it's been presumed that we have seen the last of them. But as it turns out, one of the deceased characters will be making his return in an upcoming MCU project.

According to allkpop, Eternals' Don Lee (also known as Ma Dong-seok) will be returning as Gilgamesh in a new MCU project. The actor is reportedly scheduled to fly to the US this summer to work on the project which is still unknown at this point if it's going to be a follow-up to Eternals or another MCU property. Marvel Studios hasn't officially commented on the report yet.

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Of course, this might cause some confusion for some since Gilgamesh died during the film. There is a possibility that he might get resurrected given the nature of the character or appear in a flashback set before the present-day events. There's also a possibility that he will show up as a variant of the character since the franchise has now also ventured into the multiverse.

It is exciting to hear that the character will be making his return in the franchise soon as we didn't get to see more of him in Eternals as a result of his early demise in the middle of the film. It is hard to guess right now which upcoming MCU project we might see him popping in, but nevertheless, it is great that he will be coming back as we thought that his journey in the franchise already ended.

Gilgamesh isn't the only deceased Eternals character who is reportedly going to make his MCU return soon. There are also rumors recently that Richard Madden will be reprising the role of Ikaris in an upcoming MCU project, but no one from Marvel Studios has also made a confirmation yet. Regardless, it is an indication that the Eternals will indeed be making their return to the MCU as promised by the film's closing title card.

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Eternals is streaming on Disney+.

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