Eternals Director Chloe Zhao Says She's Unsure if She'll Return for the Sequel

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Despite the mixed reviews from critics, Eternals performed very well at the global box office and became number one at its domestic opening weekend with a very solid $71 million. The audience score has also been respectable and contrary to the critics' score. With these numbers, we can now at least say that the film was a success among the audience and it won't be surprising if Marvel Studios will be working on a sequel. But as it turns out, it may not return without its director.

Speaking with, Eternals director Chloe Zhao said that she is unsure if she would return for a sequel and she will leave that decision to the audience. She said, "I was encouraged to make a good standalone film, very encouraged to do that. I think now the film belongs to you, not me, and we want to see how this child grows in this scary, wild, and beautiful world. And then we need to watch and listen and learn and then see where we go from there."

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She added, "But I think, maybe I’m wrong about this, but I feel like filmmakers, it doesn’t matter what genre, they tend to make the same movie over and over and over. There’s certain themes, there’s certain things that I would keep pushing, I’m very happy to go back to make films with five people again."

It seems that Zhao wants to avoid being repetitive which is why she is unsure if she would be willing to return for a sequel. For sure, Marvel Studios would welcome her with open arms if she ever wants to direct the sequel. Regardless of what the critics said, the film was still a huge win and most people praised Zhao for her visionary, subversive, and ambitious take on the MCU.

As of now, there's no official announcement yet from Marvel Studios regarding a possible sequel, but the characters are expected to make appearances in future MCU projects. Given the box office results, audience response, and MCU's past track record, it shouldn't be at least surprising if there will be a sequel.

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Eternals is now showing in theaters.


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