Eternals Actor Richard Madden Talks Ikaris Replacing Iron Man as Avengers Leader

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Credit: Marvel Studios

There's been a lot of speculation within the Marvel Cinematic Universe as to which character could potentially lead the Avengers now that its "co-leaders" Tony Stark and Steve Rogers are gone. Of course, there's a good chance that established heroes like Thor, Captain Marvel, and even Doctor Strange could take over for the group but the upcoming Marvel Studios offering Eternals seem to have teased a celestial being becoming the new chief of the Earth's Mightiest Heroes.

During one of the sequences from the original trailer of the Chloe Zhao-directed film, Ikaris jokingly said that he's ready to step up and become the new leader of the Avengers. Unsurprisingly, actor Richard Madden is being asked about Ikaris' potential role in the team now that Stark and Rogers are no more and according to him, while he doesn't have any clue regarding the plans Marvel Studios has for him, he knows for sure that Ikaris is the leader-type.

Speaking with Total Film, he explains: "I don't know. I know that he's a good leader and a good soldier. If those are two traits that you need to lead the Avengers, then he has them. But I wouldn't be able to predict that."

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Of course, both Tony Stark and Captain America are irreplaceable and whoever assumes their position will have a tough task ahead of him/her. Sure, an Eternal possibly leading the "New Avengers" will be interesting but I doubt Marvel Studios will actually pull the trigger. I mean, for now, let's just allow both teams to do their own thing and come together when the need arises.

Marvel Studios' Eternals will hit cinemas in November.

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