Enraged Magic: The Gathering Players Want to Replace Commander Format With Captain

When Wizards of the Coast announced that the brand new crossover Magic: The Gathering product Secret Lair x The Walking Dead contains "mechanically unique" black-bordered cards that feature characters from The Walking Dead, many fans in the Magic community were outraged with their decision to make them legal in Commander and other eternal Constructed formats. Now, a group of enraged fans have created a new format similar to Commander, and it's called Captain.

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Credit: WOTC

Captain has basically the same set of rules as the fan-favorite Commander format, except that The Walking Dead cards from the new Secret Lair are banned in Captain. According to the mission statement, the Captain "seeks to create a community-driven format that cultivates an atmosphere of healthy gameplay and promotes the continued growth of Magic: The Gathering. Captain will actively seek input from playgroups of varied playstyles, power levels, and people in a democratic and unbiased method through the use of polling, discussions, and elections. Captain will be a trailblazer for playing Magic that allows the community itself direct agency over how the format functions."

The creation of Captain is the community's reaction to the Commander Rules Committee's decision to not ban The Walking Dead cards from the Commander format.

Mitch from the YouTube channel Commander Quarters recently addressed the toxicity in the Captain Discord when the format was first established, and announced that he'd distancing himself from Captain.

Do you think the Captain format will last for long? Most fan-made formats usually don't live for long, and Captain is pretty much just Commander with the banning of crossover cards from Secret Lair x The Walking Dead.

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