10 of The Top 16 MTG Decks From The Latest Standard Tournament Since Uro Ban Are Still Omnath Decks

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Wizards of the Coast recently banned Uro, Titan of Nature's Wrath in Magic: The Gathering's Standard format, but based on recent tournament's results, decks that use Omnath, Locus of Creation continue to dominate the format, and hopes to make the competitive meta more diverse seems crushed right now.

ChannelFireBall's Clash Qualifier #1, the biggest competitive Standard touranament since the Uro ban, took place this past weekend with 450 participants. 10 of the top 16 decks were Omnath decks of some kind. Some Omnath decks focus more on Landfall ramp strategies while others focus more on Adventure strategies to generate value.

Credit: WOTC

The next largest archetype of the event was Dimir Rogues (only 8%), so it's not even close to Omnath's percentage. As Redditor Televangelis pointed out: "Another 2 of the top 16 (and a ton of those non-Omnath decks that went undefeated on Day 1) were non-Omnath Temur Adventures decks (which collectively posted a 63% winrate and were way overrepresented at the top compared to their 3% share of the meta), meaning that a full 75% of the top 16 were running Temur."

Piroki's Omnath Adventures won the entire tournament, and two non-Adventure Omnath decks made it in the top 4.

It's concerning that Omnath decks are still dominating the Standard meta, and that most sideboards are specifically prepped with an Omnath-heavy field in mind.

Do you think Wizards of the Coast should ban Omnath in Standard?


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