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Emily Blunt Reveals What Could Make Her Take A Superhero Role

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Credit: Walt Disney Studios

Emily Blunt has been offered various superhero roles such as Marvel'sBlack Widow and most recently, Invisible Woman of the Fantastic Fourbut despite the opportunity laid in front of her, Blunt stated she was not contracted for such and she also revealed that she's not completely refusing the part, even telling what could make her take such a portrayal.

During the promotion of Jungle Cruise, Emily Blunt shared with Collider what it takes to make her take a superhero role, "It's always about story, and [playing] a character I haven't done. It's not something I've felt the inclination to do before, but it's not something I turn my nose up at -- at all. It's just that it hasn't been the right moment or the right thing," saying that he would pursue such role "if the script was right."

Blunt has never portrayed a superhero in her wide range of acting stints through the years from being the assistant in The Devil Wears Prada to being part of Jungle Cruise with Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. She is also known for her roles such as Mary Poppins in Mary Poppins Returns, A Quiet Place with her husband John Krasinski, and the thriller Edge of Tomorrow.

Partnering with Johnson doesn't stop with Jungle Cruise as they signed to be in a superhero movie on Netflix, Ball and Chain, but the project has been quiet since. Johnson teased in the same interview that Blunt could join him in the DCEU as White Betty and we all know Johnson is set to play Black Adam to debut next year.

Blunt seems to be inclined to the story more than anything else. This is not the first time she took on a role because of the script. It could be remembered that her role in A Quiet Place was supposed to be given to someone else but when she read what the film is about to offer, she convinced her husband that she would be taking the role.

Whether Blunt would be a superhero soon is still uncertain but it would definitely be an amazing one given the range of her acting skills and her impeccable delivery of every role she has already taken.

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