Elseworlds Crossover Will Include the 90's Flash, Played by John Wesley Shipp

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Say what you will about the CW Network's DC shows but the yearly crossovers put out by the company have been good fun for fans. It's one of the reasons fans stick by the Arrowverse shows, faults and all since it's clear that these creators truly love working with these characters. Elseworlds is no exception, giving us wacky ideas like Barry Allen as Green Arrow and Oliver Queen as The Flash.

In a move we should have seen coming, 90's Flash John Wesley Shipp is going to return and don the costume. Shipp is no stranger to the CW, playing Barry's father in the Flash series and was recently revealed to be Jay Garrick in another universe. That being said, seeing him in his 90's Flash costume is going to bring back a lot of memories.


To those wondering why we should have seen this coming, Grant Gustin's version of The Flash has actually gone through the multiverse a few seasons ago and has seen this iteration of the character. This is also where he got a glimpse at Supergirl, who was still an ABC property and was about to be brought to the CW.

Honestly, it's nice seeing all of these easter eggs mean something. Plus, with a familiar name like Elseworld, this is the perfect place to reintroduce the 90's version of The Flash that most of us haven't experienced. The series will also be the live-action debut of Batwoman, which shouldn't be missed.

Elseworlds premieres this December.

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