Elizabeth Olsen and Kelly Marie Tran Playing Sisters in Sorry for Your Loss

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Kelly Marie Tran and Elizabeth Olsen are both actresses in giant movie franchises, but the two are teaming up to play sisters in a series called Sorry for Your Loss.

Check out this first image of them in Entertainment Weekly:

In the series, Olsen plays a young widow named Leigh who, after the death of her husband, finds that familiar things in her life have all been altered because of the event. Tran, on the other hand, is playing Leigh's sister Jules who is described to have ‘a reputation for being the most fun (and most inebriated) person at any party. ‘


While Olsen has steadily gotten more popular ever since she was cast as Scarlet Witch in the MCU, it was curious where Tran's career was headed after her work on Star Wars: The Last Jedi. A lot of vocal fans have shown that they don't like her character online, and it even lead to her quitting social media.

I'm just happy to see that she can still work. If she just let's herself down after everything, then the haters win.

Sorry for Your Loss will be premiering on Facebook Watch for 10 half-hour episodes. Catch it on Sept. 18.

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