Eleven Gets Cute New Look in New Stranger Things Cover

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Netflix's first official trailer for Stranger Things was one of highlights of last weekend's Super Bowl, confirming the epic scale of the series second season as well as the date of its premiere.

Now, to add on to the roaring hype for the second season of Netflix's ode-to-the-80's science fiction series, Entertainment Weekly has revealed a new cover image giving fans their first look at the children of Stranger Things.


The February issue of the EW magazine's cover story focuses on the second season of Stranger Things, teasing fans with information on "who's back? who's new? and who's eating those Eggos in the woods?"

The cover image also shows everyone how much the Stranger Things kids have grown, boasting a new look for Millie Bobby Brown's psychokinetic lab experiment, Eleven.

When we first saw her in the very first season of the series, Eleven had a no-nonsense buzzcut but now, in this new image we get to see her sport a head of beautiful curly locks. This new exclusive from EW is bound to be chockfull of Stranger Things secrets which we'll all get to learn soon once the magazine hits shelves on Feb. 17 next week.

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