El Muerto: Bad Bunny Reportedly Exits Spider-Verse Movie

Bad Bunny in Bullet Train
Credit: Sony

Bad Bunny in Bullet Train
Credit: Sony

We learned recently that Sony has pulled out the live-action Spider-Verse movie El Muerto from its release calendar. While the project remains in the works, it is nevertheless a discouraging sign about its status.

So far, the studio has not set a new release date yet for the film, but it also doesn't help that the ongoing writers' strike has temporarily paused any work right now for the project.

Now, we have a potential new update about the film and it sounds like it may have lost its lead as a result of this.

Bad Bunny Reportedly No Longer Stars in El Muerto

El Muerto
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Credit: Marvel Studios

A report from One Take News claimed that Grammy-winning artist Bad Bunny will no longer star in El Muerto. The role is now expected to be recast as the project remains to be in the works despite his exit.

However, it is unknown yet if Bad Bunny will remain involved as an executive producer of the film. The ongoing writers' strike might also still change any plans for the project.

The reason behind the Grammy winner's exit is being blamed on his busy schedule due to his tour and commitment to the WWE. Obviously, starring in a major studio film requires a huge time commitment and it sounds like his schedule won't be able to accommodate due to the delay.

It should be pointed out that the report has not been confirmed yet by the major trades nor it was announced by Sony so we still have to take this news with a grain of salt for now.

Nevertheless, it is not a surprising update if it ends up being true considering the pulling out of the release date and the delay that could close any window on Bad Bunny's schedule to do the film.

However, it is still a jarring situation since the project was developed as a Bad Bunny vehicle from the beginning and he was the reason why Sony is making the film in the aftermath of their collaboration in Bullet Train.

We should be hearing more details about the development of the project in the coming week and let's see whether we'll eventually hear the confirmation that Bad Bunny has indeed left the Spider-Verse movie.

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The next live-action Spider-Verse movie Kraven the Hunter is slated for release in theaters this October 6.

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