Edward Norton Discusses Scrapped Incredible Hulk 2 Plans and His Relationship with Kevin Feige

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Edward Norton's Incredible Hulk movie was considered a solid but unspectacular MCU film, only being the second installment to come out after 2008's Iron Man. Since then, some drama has erupted and Norton was replaced by Mark Ruffalo, who has proven to be an excellent Hulk and Bruce Banner, though some fans have wondered about a future where Norton stayed on. In a recent interview with the New York Times, Norton discussed his pitch for Incredible Hulk 2.

It turns out that the actor had pitched a dark two-part Incredible Hulk film series, the first of which would cover the origin and the second where Hulk is a "conscious dreamer," teasing that we could have seen a more active Hulk persona. Apparently, the people at Marvel Studios gave praise for the idea before eventually scrapping it, which eventually led to Norton's dismissal.

"Well, no. I loved the "Hulk" comics. I believed they were very mythic. And what Chris Nolan had done with Batman was going down a path that I aligned with: long, dark, and serious. If there was ever a thing that I thought had that in it, it was the Hulk. It's literally the Promethean myth. I laid out a two-film thing: The origin and then the idea of Hulk as the conscious dreamer, the guy who can handle the trip. And they were like, "That's what we want!" As it turned out, that wasn't what they wanted."

Norton also brings up how he actually got along with Kevin Feige, though he didn't like how the head of Marvel Studios released a statement about his leaving, calling it "cheap." Still, he does congratulate Feige on the success of Marvel Studios and its multi-part storytelling, though he will not comment on how he feels about their movies, which is a bit telling but we'll let it slide.

Seeing Norton reveal stuff like this does make us wonder what an Incredible Hulk 2 would be like, though most of us are quite happy with Ruffalo as Hulk. That being said, an Immortal Hulk movie would probably be more possible with Norton, given how much that comic changes the status quo.

Incredible Hulk is now available on Blu-ray and DVD.

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