When Does Echo Take Place on the MCU Timeline?

Kingpin in the Echo series
Credit: Marvel

Kingpin in the Echo series
Credit: Marvel

The expansion of the Marvel Cinematic Universe has never been any more complicated. The wider the growth of Marvel movies and series, the bigger the Multiverse has become for the billion-dollar franchise. So, in this case, when does Echo take place on the MCU timeline?

When Does Echo Take Place in the MCU?

Marvel's Echo, as you could probably tell from the trailer alone, has little to no involvement in the ever-expanding Multiverse of the billion-dollar franchise.

Not only is Maya Lopez (Alaqua Cox) technically a new character added to the roster, but where her story fits into the timeline is also just as confusing.

See, Marvel has long since started building how every movie and series that comes along will affect the future of the Multiverse and timelines, so to see the Echo series come before other series such as Agatha: Darkhold Diaries, is a bit daunting.

However, Marvel Studios' Head of Streaming Brad Winterbaum shed light on how Echo fits into the MCU franchise despite its lack of connection to the MCU continuity (via Collider):

"Marvel Spotlight gives us a platform to bring more grounded, character-driven stories to the screen, and in the case of Echo, focusing on street-level stakes over larger MCU continuity. Just like comic fans didn't need to read Avengers or Fantastic Four to enjoy a Ghost Rider Spotlight comic, our audience doesn't need to have seen other Marvel series to understand what's happening in Maya's story."

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Is Echo Before or After the Hawkeye Series?

Even though Echo doesn't fit into the Multiverse and doesn't make any relevant impact on the overarching story of Marvel, it still belongs on the MCU timeline.

Alaqua Cox made her small screen debut as Maya on the 2021 series, Hawkeye, where she was on the hunt to get her revenge against the Ronin responsible for killing her father.

Wouldn't you know it, the events of Hawkeye followed what happened after Avengers: Endgame, the exact time when Clint Barton aka Hawkeye was attempting to move forward from the past of his dark persona.

While Clint was merely trying to make it home back to his family before Christmas day, he was already on the death list of Echo for his past crimes as the aforementioned Ronin.

It's safe to say that Echo's story will follow through the events of Hawkeye, and some flashbacks from the past, given that the official trailer showed how Kingpin and Maya first met each other.

We'll likely get to see the present time in which Maya rekindles her connection with her Native American heritage and moves forward with what came after her revenge-seeking journey.

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