Early Captain Marvel Reactions are Positive, High Praise for Ben Mendelsohn

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The wait is over and critics have released their reactions to March's Captain Marvel and it looks like we're in for a cosmic good time. Pretty much everyone has been looking forward to the film, except those that are review bombing the movie to oblivion, and it seems like we will not be disappointed. So, without further ado, here are some of the positive reactions for Marvel's latest superhero movie.

Brandon Davis from ComicBook.com said that fans of the movie are going to enjoy it and that the shapeshifting concept of The Skrulls is a fascinating one. He also praises Ben Mendelsohn as Talos, which ends up being a common piece of praise from every critic who has seen it. He was already pretty good in Star War: Rogue One, so this is a nice thing to know.


Perri Nemiroff from Collider also has praise for Mendelsohn, calling his casting as Talos an A+ while also positively mentioning lead star Brie Larson and Goose, the cat who already stole the show for many. Most of us haven't seen the movie yet but it's nice to know that Marvel made a cat cuter than we already thought.

Ash Crossan from ET Now likes how Carol Danvers is a relatable character who will tug the hearts of many ‘90s kids. Considering how most superhero movies are either set in the present or period pieces, having a film set not too long ago will be a decent change of pace.


Honestly, from what can be gathered, it seems like Captain Marvel will be a nice superhero film with interesting enough elements that separate it from the pack. Hopefully, we all feel this way when the movie comes out on March 8.

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