EA Will 'Fully Support' PC Joystick Compatibility for Star Wars: Squadrons

Star Wars: Squadron might be a Star Wars dogfight videogame, but it seems like the highly anticipated Star Wars title is going to "fully support" joystick compatibility on PC.

EA Motive Ian Frazier just revealed new details about the videogame while responding to fans' questions on Twitter. According to Frazier, he had doubled checked on Squadron and it seems like EA is planning to fully support the videogame for "joystick on PC."

That includes full "HOTAS rigs with a throttle."

"Well hey, double-checked and apparently, I AM allowed to tell you that without being tackled by PR!" Frazier wrote in his post, "Yes, we fully support joystick on PC, including full HOTAS rigs with a throttle."

For those who aren't too well-versed in internet lingo, "HOTAS rigs" means "Hands-on Throttle-and stick," a control system that allows gamers to simulate the full piloting experience that comes with flying simulators and videogames.

Unfortunately, it seems like Star Wars gamers won't have access to a full HOTAS rig when playing Star Wars Squadron. PS4 gamers will be able to enjoy the videogame on virtual reality if they get full PlayStation VR Support tho.

Featuring a singleplayer campaign drafted by the writers of Star Wars: Battlefront 2 and a multiplayer focusing on the 5 on 5 dogfights between the Rebels and the Empire, Star Wars: Squadrons offers fans something new while they wait for EA to offer more titles.

The videogame is set to launch on October 2 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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